Download Voicemail User Guide (PDF)

Logging into your Clear Creek voicemail for the first time:

To set up voicemail, dial your 10-digit home telephone number (from any phone). Once the greeting begins to play, press the star key (*), and follow the prompts to record your name and configure your new password (You may also dial *99 from your home phone to access your new mailbox.). Your temporary password is your 10-digit phone number.

Voicemail Menu:
(for more details, download the Voicemail User Guide)

Clear Creek Voicemail Commands - Main Menu
1 New Messages
2 Change folders (NEW/OLD)
0 Mailbox options
Press 1 - New Messages Submenu
1 Skip message intro
4 Play previous message
5 Repeat
6 Play next message
7 Delete
8 Forward
9 Save
* Help
# Exit
Press 2 - Change Folders Submenu
0 Switch to new messages
1 Switch to old messages
2-4 Additional folder options
Press 3 - Mailbox Optiosn Submenu
5 Press 5 to leave a message
* Return to main menu