Phone Central

Phone Central is a software program that resides on your computer that allows you to access your voice mail service to retrieve your messages, save or delete them, and make changes to your voice mail service. You can even import a .wav file to use as your greeting. To get started, ask Clear Creek Communications for a User ID and password. Your password can be the same one used for your voice mail service or a different one. You will receive an email from Clear Creek Communications that contains instructions for downloading Phone Central software and installing it.

E-mail Notification for Voice Mail Messages Through Phone Central, turn on E-mail Notification.
When a voice mail message is left, an email, with a .wav file attachment, will be sent to the designated e-mail address. From the email, you can listen to the .wav file of the message. You can also save the voice mail message or delete it. When you delete through the email, it will remove stutter dial-tone from your telephone, and the message will no longer be accessible by calling your voice mailbox. Once you either save or delete the voice mail message, you can save the .wav file to your hard drive or simply delete the email if you no have no need to save the message long term. Your voice mail messages can be completely controlled, i.e. save or delete, through the email notification. It is not necessary to use Phone Central other than to turn on e-mail notification. However, Phone Central does provide other features.

Please view the below video to learn more about how Phone Central works on your desktop. You will need Flash to view.