Enhance your phone service with any or all of the following features:

Call Forwarding:
Don't miss any call, transfer incoming calls to another number of your choice.

Caller ID Name & Number: This feature allows you to see the name and number of the caller, helping you to manage your time more efficiently.

Remote Access Call FWD: Forward your calls from anywhere from any touch tone telephone. Call Waiting ID: Identify your second caller using this feature, to see if you need to answer right away.

Call Hold: An on/off option that uses a special tone to alert you to an incoming call when you are already on the phone.

Call Waiting ID: When you're already on the phone, Call Waiting ID lets you know the name and number of a second "call waiting" caller before you answer. With Call Waiting ID, when you hear the Call Waiting tone, the display shows the name and number of the person calling so you can take a second call if you know it's important - or choose to wait and return the call later.

Anonymous Call Rejection: Reject calls from phones that have their number blocked. Callers must unblock their number in order to reach you lets you see who is calling on your Caller ID unit.

Call Transfer: Handle incoming calls in a timely and efficient manner by transferring the call to another telephone number.

Continuous Redial: Continuous Redial automatically redials the telephone number of the last call made until the line is available.

Call Waiting: Be notified of another incoming call by a special tone so you don't miss important calls

Last Call Return: It's easy to just miss that call with today's busy lifestyle. Find out who called and automatically redial the number with this feature.

Do Not Disturb: Allows you to prevent calls from ringing your phone by diverting them to a recorded announcement that says your are not receiving calls. If you have voice mail service, callers are diverted directly to your voice mail box. You can activate and deactivate this feature whenever you want by dialing a simple code.

Selective Call Forwarding: Forward only those calls you don't want to miss to any local or long distance number that you determine.

Three-Way Calling: You can talk simultaneously with family or friends at two different numbers. This service is perfect for sharing news, making plans, or when you just want to say "hello" on holidays or special occasions.

Call Rejection: Reject call attempts from up to six numbers so you aren't bothered by unwanted calls.

Voice Mail Basic with Email Notification: Transform your telephone into an advanced message center. Voice Mail answers the telephone with a personalized greeting and record's the caller's message-even when you are talking on the telephone or connected to the Internet.

Priority Call: Identify certain callers with a distinctive ring by creating a list of callers whose incoming calls you'd like to have.