Choice Plus Package

This value-packed plan lets you save up to $80.00 by combining a package of long distance minutes and up to four of our most popular calling features. Choose the features that best fit your lifestyle. *Price does not include $6.50 subscriber line charge or normal applicable taxes, charges and fees.

Choose your Features from the following list:
- Call Forwarding
- Caller ID Name & Number
- Remote Access Call FWD
- Call Waiting ID
- Call Hold
- Anonymous Call Rejection
- Call Transfer
- Continuous Redial
- Call Waiting
- Last Call Return
- Do Not Disturb
- Selective Call Forwarding
- Three-Way Calling
- Call Rejection
- Voice Mail Basic with Email Notification
- Priority Call

Clear Creek's sophisticated switching equipment and fiber optic network provide you with the clearest connections available in the telecommunications industry. Whether you're calling across town or across the country, the clarity of each transmission will make you feel as though the person you're speaking with is just a few feet away.