When You Need To Talk A Lot, Ask For Choice Unlimited!

No need to stop a call short worrying that every minute is costing more money. With our Choice Unlimited Package you can talk until you are done — no worries! Plus you can choose any or all of our most popular calling features. This new package includes:

Choose from the following list of our most popular features:
- Call Forwarding
- Caller ID Name & Number
- Remote Access Call FWD
- Call Waiting ID
- Call Hold
- Anonymous Call Rejection
- Call Transfer
- Continuous Redial
- Call Waiting
- Last Call Return
- Do Not Disturb
- Selective Call Forwarding
- Three-Way Calling
- Call Rejection
- Voice Mail Basic with Email Notification
- Priority Call

*Price does not include $6.50 subscriber line charge or normal applicable taxes, charges and fees.