Call 811 Before You Dig

Call 811 Before you Dig

One easy phone call to 811 gets the approximate location of underground utility lines marked for free. 811 is the new FCC-designated national N-11 number that quickly and easily begins the process of getting underground lines marked as the first step in any digging project.

Much like the current "Call Before You Dig"services, calls will continue to be routed to the respective One Call Centers, who will then notify the affected utilities, who will then mark underground lines for free.

Why 811? Knowing where your lines are buried before each digging project helps protect you from injury, expense and penalties. The depth of utility lines vary and multiple utility lines may exist in the same area. Damages to these lines can disrupt service to an entire neighborhood, harm diggers and cost diggers fines and repair costs. Know what's below. Always call before you dig.

According to a recent national survey, roughly half of all Americans are "active diggers" who have done (or are planning to do) some type of digging project at home, yet only about a third of these people have called to get their utility lines marked. Smart digging means calling 811 before each job because marked lines show diggers the approximate location of underground lines and help prevent undesired consequences.

Now, with 811 , there is no excuse not to call. Safe Digging Is No Accident: Always Call 811 Before You Dig.