Watch What You Want When You Want With On Demand

The programs you want to watch are just a click away! With the power of Clear Creek Communication's new On Demand service, watch new movie releases and Hollywood favorites any time of the day or night. And get the functionality of a VCR through your digital set-top box! With a push of a button on your remote, you can stop, play, pause, fast-forward and rewind anytime you want.

Watch What You Want
Our On Demand library is continually updated so there is always something to watch. New releases, hit movies and Hollywood classics are available to order, plus there are many, many hours of great free On Demand programming as well. All programs are yours to view for 24 hours as many times as you would like.

You Control the Schedule
It always happens; you start watching a movie and get interrupted. No worries. Once you have ordered an On Demand movie, you have it for 24 hours. You can finish watching it later or even the next day if you want to. Plus you don't have to rush to return the movie to the video store. Convenience at your control!

VCR-like Controls
The pizza delivery comes 10 minutes early — just before the end of the movie. Don't worry about missing the end of the movie — pause it and start it after you get a piece of pizza. With On Demand you get VCR-like controls with your digital set-top box. There is no need to buy extra equipment. Just use your remote control to stop, play, pause, fast-forward and rewind.

Start Watching in One Room, Continue Watching in a Different Room

With Clear Creek Communications' On Demand service you can start on demand content or movies in one room and then view them throughout the household in other rooms that are equipped with digital set top boxes. It also allows customers to watch the same program from two or more different digital boxes simultaneously.

To continue watching, or to restart a program in another room, customers must first exit the on demand content at the set where it was ordered, then go to the “My Rentals” folder on their on-demand main menu on another household digital set top and select the desired program, which will resume where it left off. All program titles that are saved on one digital box will be displayed in the saved programs list on other digital boxes throughout the home.

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