Making the Connection

Clear Creek Communications uses several different types of converter/descramblers or set top boxes to provide your cable television. The type you have in your home depends on the services you have ordered. The following User Guides may be helpful to you to learn about the functions of the converter/descrambler and also how to connect them to your television.

Standard Digital Converter/Descramblers

DCH200 DCH200_User_Guide.pdf DCH200

High Definition Converter/Descramblers

HD-DTA100u HD-DTA100u_Quick_Start_Guide
DCH6200 Series DCH6200_Series_User_Guide.pdf DCH6200
DCX700 Series DCX700 Series User Guide.pdf

DVR High Definition Converter/Descramblers

DCT6400 Series - DVR DCT6400_Series_User_Guide.pdf DCT6400
DCH6400 Series - DVR DCH6400_Series_User_Guide.pdf DCH64100
DCX3400 Series - DVR DCH3400 Series User Guide.pdf


RoomService User Guide