What do I need to experience HDTV?

To experience HDTV, you need three things: an HD television set, an HDTV converter/descrambler from Clear Creek Communications, and a set of component video and audio cables.

An HD television set that is capable of displaying the increased resolution provided by HDTV is necessary. At a minimum, the television should have the following three features to qualify as a wide screen HDTV:
  • A high-bandwidth component video input (Y Pb Pr)
  • Native support for at least one HD format (720p, 1080i)
  • Display screen that has a physical aspect ratio of 16:9

  • The HDTV converter/descrambler from Clear Creek Communications is specifically designed to receive and decode HD programming as well as standard definition programming.

    Component video and audio cables are necessary to connect your television to the HDTV converter/descrambler. These cables are not provided as part of Clear Creek Communication's standard HDTV installation. You may provide your own at the time of installation or purchase them from Clear Creek Communications.

    What channels are available in HDTV?
    Clear Creek Communications carries the local network broadcast station's HDTV signals from KATU, KOIN, KGW, OPB, and KWBP as well as the DTV signals from KPTV, and KPDX. In addition, HBO, Cinemax, The Movie Channel, Showtime and Starz in HDTV is available to those customers who subscribe to these premium services.

    A tier of HD programming, which features Discovery Theater, ESPN, HDNet, HDNet Movies, Universal, National Geographic, HGTV, Food, and A & E is also available when you lease a Clear Creek Communications HD or DVR converter/descrambler.

    Will I still be able to view standard definition analog and digital channels with this service? Yes, Clear Creek Communications' HDTV converter/descrambler allows you to view both standard definition and high-definition channels.

    Will my VCR and DVD player work with HDTV? You can record HD programming using the analog output from the HDTV converter/descrambler but will lose the high-definition format. If you wish to record in high-definition, it is necessary to use a Digital VHS or D-VHS.

    Which HDTV format does Clear Creek Communications use?
    HDTV is available in two common formats: 720p and 1080i. The 720p format uses progressive scanning technology much like a computer monitor. It uses 720 scan lines to produce an image and the picture is refreshed 60 times per second. Progressive scanning produces smoother motion with less blurring.

    The 1080i format uses interlaced scanning technology. This uses 1,080 scan lines to produce an image and the picture is refreshed 30 times per second. Interlaced scanning produces sharper pictures in general and in particular when the image is still or has little motion. Clear Creek Communications' HDTV service supports both formats.