Watch What you Want!

A multi-room HD DVR that allows you to watch or record up to 5 HD shows at once and view them on any TV in your home. You can manage all your recorded shows through any connected TV.

RoomService provides a seperate Internet connection to Netfilx so you can stream video without impact to other connected devices in your home.  

The RoomService award-winning user interface  makes it easy to find and select your favorite shows.

Netflix, YouTube and Pandora through RoomService

With RoomService you can seamlessly access the entire Netflix catalog via the RoomService gateway or any RoomService player. Finally, you can enjoy streaming video services without changing the input on your television. You can now search the latest YouTube videos, subscribe to your favorite channels, and receive mobile updates when new videos are available.

With the RoomService and Alexa on your Amazon Echo, you'll have easy access to your favorite movies and TV shows, a multitude of apps, ad-free music streaming and so much more.